African Americans in the 1810 Greene County Census

African Americans in the 1810 Greene County Census

The second Federal Census for Greene County was taken in 1810.  This census included Free Persons of Color in their own households and the number of Free and Enslaved individuals living in white households. 

*There appear to be three household of  individuals who had recently gained their Freedom who are enumerated without surnames.

Free Persons of Color in their own household

NameNumber of Other FreeTownshipNotes
Black Ruth3Cumberland*
Black Cork4Cumberland*
Black Neva5Cumberland*
Nasa McCurdy7Cumberland 
Jacob Adams4Franklin 
Richd Sterling2GreeneAka –                Richard Starling
James Alford2Wayne 
Jonth Burgess7Wayne 
Dan’l Perril2WayneAka – Daniel Pearl
Basil Perril7WayneAka – Basil Pearl

White Household with Enslaved and Free Individuals

                          NameNumber of Other FreeNumber of Enslaved     Township
Charles Swan23Cumberland
Jay Thompson1 Cumberland
James Seaton1 Cumberland
Wm Graham1 Dunkard
Stephen Gapen2 Dunkard
John Boreman1 Franklin
Saml W Caldwell1 Franklin
Wm Hunter1 Franklin
Wm T Hays2 Franklin
Mathias Roseberry1 Franklin
Nancy Corbly 1Greene
Wm Gapen2 Greene
William Hudson2 Greene
James Hyde1 Greene
John Jones1 Greene
John Minor21Greene
Noah Minor2 Greene
Berton Lewis1 Greene
John Heaton2 Jefferson
Thos Hughes23Jefferson
James Hill1 Mprgan
John Ross 1Morgan
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