African Americans in the 1800 Greene County Census

The first Federal Census for Greene County was taken in 1800, four years after its formation when it was cut off from Washington County.  This census included Free Persons of Color in their own households and the number of Free and Enslaved individuals living in white households.

Free Persons of Color in their own household

Free HeadOther FreeTownshipNotes
Nasa McCurdy2Cumberland 
Jacob Adams11Franklin 
Richard Starling1GreeneAKA  Richard Sterling
William Westbrook3Greene 
James Alford1Whiteley 
Simon Fisher5Whiteley 

White Household with Enslaved and Free Individuals

                          NameNumber of Other FreeNumber of Enslaved     Township
Charles Swan1 Cumberland
James Hughes 1Cumberland
John Swan55Cumberland
William Seaton1 Cumberland
Jay Thompson51Cumberland
James Seaton1 Cumberland
Stephen Gapen 1Dunkard
Theopolis Minor1 Dunkard
Henry Stephens1 Dunkard
John Boreman 1Franklin
William Hudson21Greene
Samuel Hyde1 Greene
William Minor31Greene
John Minor 1Greene
Obadiah Minor1 Greene
Thomas Hughes 3Jefferson
James Hook3 Morgan
William Lee1 Morgan
John Ross, Senr 1Morgan
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